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Graduation, Labor Day Weekend 2005

These are out on the lawn of the Norwegian House where Lindsey lived Senior year.

Lindsey and her profs. The top photo is the Norwegian faculty; the rest are in the Education dept.

I liked the contrast between the President and the Dean of Students.

The profs all lined up forming a gauntlet through which the grads walked. The faculty applauded through the entire march - a dang long time.

Lindsey, Dom, Nick and Mike as they made their way past the professors.

Nick was Dom's roommate for all four years, and Mike was a fellow music student.
Lindsey shaking hands after accepting the diploma.

Lindsey, Kaitlin, Nick, and Dom in the walks back to their seats.

Kaitlin is one of Lindsey's great friends at school, and like Dom, plays the bass clarinet. She'll be the Maid of Honor at the wedding next summer!
Nick and his girlfriend Sarah (who's still in school), with Dom and Linz.
Dom couldn't find his diploma after the ceremony!

Posing with the family.
This spectacular cake is a chocolate cheesecake that Grampa and Grandma made for the celebration.