Family Pages

Indiana, April 3-4, 2003

Dan & Jim went to visit the IU School of Music, and stayed a couple of nights in Martinsville.

Alec & Ian mug for the camera. They were both on the move, but I just snapped a bajillion pictures as fast as I could.
For his birthday, Ian got a couple of tin-cans with magnetic pieces, kind of like Mr. Potato Head™, except with magnets, and no potatoes.

Alec here poses with his creation.
A pensive Ian gazes wistfully on a world beyond his window.

The boys were able to blow a mean horn. Amazingly, though their Uncle Jim has yet to sustain a trumpet note for more than a quarter-second, they were both getting the horn to make a sweet sound, with only a little coaching from Dan.
The Three Caballeros

Alec doesn't like non-action photos, and said before this one, "Take a picture of me eating"
Alec tried to give Elaine the ol' Smell My Feet, but she was on to him and wouldn't fall for it.

Olympia, the world's most patient dog.

She's a Bichon Frise, and they are some kind of wonder-dog. She never once got grumpy with this three-year-old's attentions.
One really, really, ugly mask.