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End of Senior Year, and Pie Heaven, 2004

Grandma and Grampa visited during Dan's final concerts at South. Eric, Elaine, and the boys were here too. We went out to Camp Snoopy and the Science Museum. Alec took an inadvertent dip in the pond. Dan was the spokesman for the band and got to deliver the band's farewell to Malmberg.

We celebrated Angi's birthday at P.F.Chang's

Here's graduation night itself.

Dan made the "aw riiight" face, but Angi made him smile pretty for one too.

I especially like the very stylin' Hawaiian shirt underneath the gown.

Friday night before the party, Dan played in a quintet at the Artist Quarter, a small basement jazz club in St. Paul. They were the kick-off act of the Hot Summer Jazz Festival this year.

Backyard pics just before the party.

Evan prepared for a career in the Army Corp of Engineers.

Posing with the relatives.

A little slice of Pie Heaven. Angi made 15 pies, and a dozen or more came from friends. I had at least one piece each of cherry, raspberry, blueberry, rhubarb, key lime, sour-cream apple, lemon cream, and apple.

The dining room table was also covered in pies. It was spectacular.