Visiting Madison
Marlene and Dan chilled on the futon in the dorm. The beds are lofted with the futon under one and the TV under the opposite.
We took a long walk around the Madison campus. There is a wooded path that leads all along the lake.
On campus is a beautiful old house with elaborate gardens.
The plaza of the Memorial Union is right on the lake. It was so colorful that it needed a picture.
We took Dan and his roommate, Eoin, to Lombardino's Restaurant. We've been to this restuarant a number of times while visiting Madison. The waitress that took this picture has been our server for four of five times. She's pretty amazing. She even remembers the wine we ordered on the previous vist.
Maja and Andy's Wedding
Lindsey's friend Maja got married this fall. Lindsey and Becky had beautiful footwear.
Angi and I were all duded up for the occasion.
Christmastime in the City

Dan's girlfriend Sarah, and Dom's roomate Nick joined us for tree decorating.
Mom sent us glasses that prismatically create little angels around every bright light you look at.
Muffin's favorite part of the entire Christmas season is cleaning out the eggnog glasses.
Nick and Muffin