Family Pages

Misc. garden and yard pics, throughout 2003

A momma robin built her nest on the grapevine wreath by the front door. We got to watch for a few weeks, but then one day the wreath was knocked to the ground, and the babies were gone. We suspect the cat from next door.
I don't understand where frogs come and where they go. They're very transient - I can only assume that frogs hop from backyard to backyard, each night, looking for ponds to land in. This one stopped by for a week or so in May.
Goldfish at feeding time. The new fish grew pretty quick. (The old ones met their demise this spring.) By July or so they were brave enough to come to the surface for supper.
At our backyard feeder, we would see maybe one or two goldfinches a year, but we noticed that the neighbors were getting quite a few. So we moved the feeder to hang in-between our houses. Even then, it took about two months for the goldfinches to find the poppy seeds. There were three boys and two fem-finches.
The feeder is an "upside-down" feeder. Somehow, only goldfinches seem to have this figured out. The house finches, of which there are many, never did this.
In the fall, the mini-cattails were mighty pretty.