Lindsey and a gang of theater friends participated in the 2000 Aquatennial Milk-Carton Boat Regatta on Lake Nokomis this summer. They got third for creativity and second place for speed. Some other team nosed them out at the last turn to pull ahead - damn the lack of torpedoes!

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The caption reads: "Caitlin Sheaffer, the skim-queen on the "Cattle Chess" boat, claimed victory over the 2-percent queen, Gaea Dill-D'Ascoli(not shown), after a chess battle on the milk-carton boat. The team placed third for creativity in the Kemps Commodore Race for ages 13 to 18. Team members, from left, were Lindsey Hooker, Savannah Rhomberg-Reich, Aaron Smith, and Eleanor Bash. (Not visible were Dill-D'Ascoli and Veronica Holdsworth)."

The caption forgets to mention Diane Rusk was a team member as well.