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James A. Hooker
204 Queen Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55405


Solution-oriented Systems Architect with strong data and system analysis skills. Proven ability in linking business needs with technical development. Organized and effective project team leader with extensive experience in a broad range of development technologies. Respected team builder and mentor, with effective communications skills. Accomplished professional focused in creating and maintaining strong client relationships.


Feb 2002 - United Behavioral Health.

Jan 2004 - Present: Systems Analyst/Architect

  • Provide both architecture and design of systems and software to ensure the data-integrity of healthcare benefits and enrollment of 20 million members.
  • Work closely with users and business staff to understand data and workflow requirements, and to translate that understanding into technological products.
  • Act as an internal consultant, bringing design, architecture, trouble-shooting and development skills to a wide-variety of projects.
  • Take an active hands-on approach to prototyping new solutions.
  • Mentor and train junior staff.

Feb 2002 - December 2003: Senior Software Engineer

  • Led a team of developers, business analysts, and quality assurance testers on a project to design and implement the translation and mapping of the X12 transactions from the HIPAA standards to UBH's internal proprietary formats.
  • Wrote translation software in a Lisp-variant named Monk, using the SeeBeyond toolset.
  • Served as an internal consultant/developer on projects that were in trouble. Analyzed issues facing the team, designed solutions and led coding efforts.
  • Wrote batch jobs and applications in a mix of SQL, Korn Shell and Perl.

Jan 2000 - Feb 2002: Senior Consultant - SGS Borealis.

  • Developed EDI software for medical claims processing, including HIPAA requirements for the healthcare industry.
  • Wrote batch jobs and applications in a mix of SQL, Korn Shell, Perl, and C.

April 1997 - Jan 2000: Senior Software Engineer - Unimax Development Corp.

  • Product lead for the Siemens ROLM phone switch software, including front-end GUI development and back-end communication with the ROLM PBX.
  • Wrote multi-threaded applications in C++.

June 1994 - January 1997: Senior Software Engineer - IVI Publishing, Inc.

  • Lead engineer on 3 applications in 2 1/2 years, a pharmaceutical reference CD-Rom, a touch-screen pharmaceutical information kiosk for the Mayo Clinic, and a home-medical reference CD-Rom.
  • Wrote applications in C++ on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. Developed applets for use embedded in HTML documents using Java and Javascript.

October 1985 - June 1994: Control Systems, Inc.

December 1992 - June 1994: Manager of Software R&D / Programmer - Introl Corporation

  • Managed the development staff for Introl Corporation, a UNIX storage software development company.
  • Developed X Window/MOTIF based GUIs for Introl's SGI product line, wrote Hierarchical Storage Management software for Sun workstations, and UNIX device-drivers for optical disks.

August 1990 - December 1992: Lead Programmer - Artist Software

  • Selected as one of a small team to form a new company to create a software-only product line for the CAD/CAM market.
  • Managed staff of four including programmers and technical support.
  • Wrote graphics drivers in assembly language, and related applications in C.

September 1987 - August 1990: Manager of Software R&D - Artist Graphics

  • Managed the development staff for Artist Graphics as it grew from 6 to 25 million dollars in annual sales. The programming staff ranged from 5 to 12 engineers.
  • Led the development of over 12 different CAD/CAM drivers, X-Window system software, Microsoft Windows video device drivers, and many other projects.

October 1985 - September 1987: Applications Programmer - Artist Graphics

  • Developed a computer 'paint' application for artistic drawing on the Artist line of display adapters, and an application for adding titles, credits, or other text to video. This project included video-capture image enhancement, low-level assembly language drivers, user-interface design, and mathematical programming for splines, curves, and ellipses.
  • Wrote graphics and serial-device drivers in assembly language, and related applications in C.

February 1985 - October 1985: Programmer - Intran Corporation

  • Worked on re-creating a minicomputer based desktop publishing system for the new IBM PC-AT. I wrote a Pascal-to-Modula 2 translator, and numerous graphics utilities, including a desktop calculator, screen-savers, and a visual directory tree.
  • Worked in a mix of assembly language, Pascal, and Modula-2.

Independent Contract Programmer

  • Developed children's educational games, including the graphics and sound, for a product called KidBoard, from KBGear.
  • Developed and maintained a number of websites for churches, small businesses, and groups.


December 1984: B.A. in Computer Graphics - Southern Illinois University