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Saturday, April 26, 2003

A beautiful spring day heralded the start of a new tradition - the 1st Annual Bryn Mawr Small-engine Repair Day.

About 10 guys and as many small engines - half the gang came just for the hotdogs and the others had multiple machines. Only one failure, a chain saw circa 1920 that had last run during the Hoover administration just wouldn't keep going. But 2 leaf blowers, 3 snow blowers, 4 lawn mowers, and a weed whip all came out purring like kittens.

A few of the spark plugs that were replaced.
A smorgesbord of gasoline to suit all needs.
Sean Ewing, the genius behind this whole affair, consults with Jon on the state of this 8 horse monster.

In the bottom picture John whoops up on his leaf blower while Jon and Snow egg him on.
What is the start of a new tradition without a cheap trinket to take home.

Roll call:
Sean Ewing, Greg Snow, Jon Papke, John McLaughlin, Doug Neverman, Chaz Nove, Frank Vardeman, Dan Berks, Rick Sampson, Doug Rusk, & myself.