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Saturday, April 24, 2004

The Bryn Mawr chapter of the Practical Help Association for Repair and Tune-ups held the 2nd Annual Bryn Mawr Small Engine Repair Day on April 24th.

This year, Greg had the fine idea to run it as a fund-raiser for One Great Hour of Sharing, a hunger relief benefit, and we raised several hundred dollars. I think 26 machines were tuned-up, 50 or 60 garden tools shined and sharpened, and 2 boxes of kitchen knives. It was huge - a much larger affair than last year.

Sean Ewing, Master Mechanic and founder of the event was here. By 11:00 in the morning he had single-handedly tuned-up most of the small engines.

Next year, we'll organize it a little more so he isn't stuck out on the driveway by himself for so long. But he's just so dang good at it.
Someone, who shall remain nameless (OK, it was Deb Elliott), had the dirtiest mower we had ever seen.
Another dirty job, Greg, Chaz, and Roger cleaned, shined, sharpened, and oiled a million yard tools. Check out the sparking action in the first photo. (Note to viewers at home, keep away from the gasoline and oily rags when doing this!)
A number of old-timers were there. The Eager 1, the huge John Deere, and the kneeling John Dear.
Charred and tortured.
You take your rest where you you get it. Sean and Troy solve the problems of the world while waiting for the oil to drain.
Evan and Rick inspect the troops.

A neighbor stopped by and asked us how much we were asking for one of the mowers - it did look kind of like a motorhead's flea market.
Big group this year - this is who was at still here at cleanup time, except for Robbie who is holding the camera.
Last, and certainly the least the Association could do, is send us membership cards and cheap junk to give out as door prizes.
The Aftermath. Chaz got diagnosed with having "probable vegetable matter" in his cornea. I guess the advice in the Association Handbook about sunglasses being "probably even better" than safety googles isn't exactly true.

Roll call:
Sean Ewing, Greg Snow, Chaz Nove, Frank Vardeman, John McLaughlin, Roger Clarke, Doug Neverman, Rick Sampson, Evan Sampson, Doug Rusk, Andrew Nilsen, Troy Archbold, Rob Prater, Anders Prater, Killeen Prater, Alyssa Prater, Robbie Steele & myself.