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Saturday, April 23, 2005


The 3rd Annual Bryn Mawr Small Engine Repair Day was held on April 23rd this year. We opened up the advertising rights, and the high bid went to a new organization, the Backyard Order Of Gasoline Engine Repair. We welcomed their participation, mainly because the quality of the door prizes increased dramatically. They sprung for some very hip bandanas, which was nice for a change.

Same as last year, it was run as a fund-raiser for One Great Hour of Sharing, a hunger relief benefit. We tuned up 19 engines, a good 30 or so gardening implements, and a couple of boxes of kitchen knives. This puts it squarely in the middle, larger than 2003, but smaller than 2004.

It was chilly this year. Doug led the fashion, sporting some fetching items from his Wisconsin Boy Spring Line.

Troy tried to remain upbeat, giving two thumbs up, but you can tell from his eyes that he's freezing his keister off.

Sean finally showed up. We watched him drive by like three times, with a glazed look in his eye. He had lame excuses about forgetting tools at home, but we're pretty sure that's bogus. I mean, just look at the smirk on his face - clearly the look of a liar.

Anyway, he was soon at work, apply his skills to help bring back sick machines to life.
Like Statler & Waldorf, those two Muppets in the balcony seats, John and Frank provided color commentary during lunch.

This is a true story, somehow, don't ask how, but John ended up leaving his pants in my backyard.

Killeen was out like a light, so we played dress-up.

Greg was the tool man, using Berks' grinders to brush, buff and shine.

Look at those pretty things!
Barb supervised the engine tune-ups while waiting for her knives to be honed.

This damn thing wouldn't go. It was our first failure in the three years we've done this. No spark. But Prater had picked it up years ago, for like 50 cents, from some guy who was throwing it out anyway.

Chaz had to take off early, and so wasn't able to repeat last year's injury. As a weak substitute, the only injury I could come up with was this welt on my thumb bone. It hurt pretty good, and turned purple the next day, so that was cool.
The Backyard Order Of Gasoline Engine Repair didn't disappoint us - true to their word they supplied us with some sweet bandanas and fridge magnets.

Roll call:
Sean Ewing, Greg, Vera, Gracie, and Isabel Snow, Dan Berks, Chaz Nove, Frank Vardeman, John McLaughlin, Doug Neverman, Rick and Ryan Sampson, Doug and Bill Rusk, Troy Archbold, Rob, Anders, Killeen, and Alyssa Prater, Sarah, Angela, and Addie Peterson-Hopkins, Dave Fink, Barb Becker, Robbie Steele & myself.