Merry Christmas from the Hookers!
One day this Spring, Angi called me, all atwitter. Dominic had just called her, asking if we were OK with the idea of him as a son-inlaw. She said Yes Of Course, and so did Lindsey later that very evening. They'll be tying the knot next summer! That makes me feel that all y'all are really getting old!
The two of them graduated in June. Dom went straight on to grad school at Ithaca College in New York, studying Conducting, and Lindsey spent the Fall student teaching at Anderson Elementary in Minneapolis. She'll substitute around this Spring and get her New York license so she's ready for moving there next Fall.
Dan is a sophmore at Madison studying English. He and his roomates came to town for the Gopher/Badger football game. There were more Wisconsin fans in town than I'd ever seen at once. We took the train across downtown to get to the Metrodome, and other Minneapolitans on board were cowed and scared and trying to hide their children from the scary painted wildmen.
Angi and I are doing great. Angi is still at General Mills keeping the computers running for Direct Marketing - log on to the Betty Crocker Catalog to see her handiwork. I'm at United Behavioral Health, working on software to keep all the Johnsons and Andersons from getting mixed up in the databases.

My singing group, the Cedar Lake Seven, just finished its eleventh year. You can check us out at You can also keep up with the family's various goings-on at
Love to you all; Peace on Earth
Jim, Angi, Lindsey, and Daniel