Merry Christmas!
Lindsey and Dominic threw a swell party this past summer. A nice lady in a robe kept talking through the whole thing though. After the party, Lindsey and Dom moved to Ithaca, NY.

Dom is finishing grad school this spring, so they're beginning the great job hunt. Who knows where they'll be in fall.

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Linz & Dom Wedding
Dan Daniel is in the middle of his Junior year at Madison - he's made me realize that many of the Cliff Note Classics I so enjoyed in school are actually based on much longer versions, which his teachers call "books".

He's still doing terrifically and this coming year he'll have a little more freedom with an apartment of his own and a car to get around in. And he looks just great. Ask anyone.
An unlikely looking crew got together to celebrate my folks' 50th Anniversary! This year also marked Angi and my 25th, and with Linz and Dom's 0th, I'd say it was a banner year for anniversaries in the family!

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Mom & Dad's 50th
Love to you all; Peace on Earth
Jim and Angi