Ms. Lindsey Hooker - 1st Grade
Sandrington Elementary School
Minneapolis, MN

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Happy March!

I'm looking forward to this month.  With our St. Patrick's Day celebration
and spring break approaching, this month should be very exciting.
Be looking for class handouts about costume preparation for the St. Patrick's Parade!

Month in Review:
Social Studies


This month we will be working on telling time.  The goal is to be able to identify times using the terms "on the hour" (:00), "half-past" (:30), "quarter past" (:15), and "quarter to" (:45).

Reading Group K will be reading "Frances Moth's Big Day" and "Frances Moth Gets a Pet" by Daphne Steward (Oxford University Press, 1996).

Reading Group I will be reading "Holidays on Mulberry Street" by Lisa Bullard (Random House, 1998).

Reading Group D will be reading "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens (E.G. Harris & Sons, 1893).

Social Studies:
Because it's March, we will be studying the history of St. Patrick.  We will also learn about some of Ireland's largest cities, and maybe we will take a "trip" to Ireland one day!

It's time to begin our journals!  Each child will receive a journal to take home.  The goal is to write one sentence each day, though you can write more if you would like!  Journal about your evening, your family and friends, your weekend, or anything else you feel like writing about.  Use your best handwriting, and don't forget to leave a margin so I can write back to you!